Research Topics

  1. Computational methods for solving ordinary and partial differential equations in engineering:
    • Isogeometric analysis and finite element methods for nonlinear continuum mechanics and vibration analysis
    • Isogeometric collocation of nonlinear 3D beams (statics, dynamics, contact)
    • Modeling and simulation of functional lattice structures
    • Multi-scale modeling and simulation of lattice structures and knitted textiles
  2. Design and optimization methods and their integration into seamless digital design, optimization and manufacturing frameworks:
    • Design optimization of 3D beam structures (cross-sectional and shape optimization)
    • Nonlinear topology optimization of multi-material structures
  3. Engineering application of computational methods in advanced manufacturing technologies:
    • Multi-material 3D printing of active structures
    • 4D printing of self-assembling structures
    • Soft and functional, 3D printed lattice structures and metamaterials
    • 3D knitting of functional textiles
Overview Cyberphysical Simulation