Introduction to the Finite Element Method

Introduction to the Finite Element Method


  • Fundamental concepts of discretization and approximation
  • Mathematical modelling with partial differential equations
  • Strong and weak forms of PDEs (variational principle, principle of virtual work, Ritz & Galerkin methods, method of weighted residuals)
  • Isoparametric element formulations for linear continuum elements in heat transfer and structural mechanics
  • Numerical integration and solution of sparse systems linear of equations
  • Enforcement of boundary conditions
  • Mathematical foundations of FEM and convergence analysis (h- & p-refinement, error estimation and adaptivity)
  • Locking phenomena, mixed methods and reduced integration

Digital teaching in winter term 2020-2021

The lecture is organized as a Moodle course with learning units. Lecture videos and slides are provided in the Moodle course. Additionally, there will be a weekly Zoom lecture session on Tuesdays at 09:50 for questions, reviews and exercises.


Lecture name Introduction to the Finite Element Method
Module no. 16-73-5030
Term Winter
Lecturer Prof. Dr. rer. nat. O. Weeger
Responsible assistant Iman Valizadeh, M.Sc.
Credit points 6
Contact hours Lecture: 3 SWS
Recitation: 1 SWS
Lecture & recitation dates Tue, 09:50-11:20 (via Zoom)
Start of lectures Tue, 3 November 2020
Room -
Language English (Summaries and lecture script in German)
Examination Written examination
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lecture notes
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Usability of this module

  • Master in Mechanical Engineering (MPE Electives Area II, PST Electives Area III)
  • Master in Computational Engineering
  • Master in Mechanics