Multiscale Methods in Computational Mechanics

Multiscale Methods in Computational Mechanics


  • Fundamental concepts of mathematical modelling of physical phenomena and materials over disparate time and length scales
  • Applications of multiscale modeling and simulation in mechanics for material modeling and development, composites, metamaterials and lattice structures
  • Fundamentals of continuum mechanics modeling and finite element analysis
  • Methods for coupling of micro and macro scales
  • Analytical and numerical homogenization methods based on unit cells / representative volume elements
  • Sequential and concurrent multi-scale finite element methods (domain decomposition/multigrid, homogenized constitutive models, FE2)
  • Linear and nonlinear multi-scale FEM for elastic two-scale problems.

Remarks on Covid-19 situation

Due to the Covid-19 situation and according to the university guidelines, the course will start as planned on April 21st and be delivered digitally only at least until end of May 2020. For this purpose, we will either arrange a weekly video broadcast of the lecture, or pre-record the lectures and make them available for viewing. All lecture materials will be made available on the Moodle platform.


Lecture name Multiscale Methods in Computational Mechanics
Module no. 16-73-3134
Term Summer
Lecturer Prof. Dr. rer. nat. O. Weeger
Responsible assistants Dr.-Ing. Mauricio Fernández
Iman Valizadeh, M.Sc.
Credit points 4
Contact hours Lecture: 2 SWS
Recitation: 1 SWS
Start of lectures Tue, 21 April 2020
Lecture & recitation dates Tuesdays, 12:30-14:45
Room Online only until May-31!
(S4|10 314)
Language English
Examination Oral examination
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lecture notes
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Usability of this module

  • Master in Mechanical Engineering (MPE Electives Area II, PST Electives Area III)
  • Master in Computational Engineering (Electives Areas II & III)
  • Master in Mechanics (Electives Area C)