Bachelor & Master Theses

We welcome Bachelor and Master thesis students in our group! We supervise students in Mechanical Engineering, as well as students of the Applied Mechanics and Computational Engineering programs, or other related fields of study.

Thesis topics can be closely related to our main research focus areas described on our Research page, or could also cover other areas of computational mechanics and engineering, as well as advanced and additive manufacturing. Potential topics include:

  • Implementation of shape-memory material models in an isogeometric beam formulation for 4D printing
  • Data generation, algorithmic implementation and verification of data-driven and machine learning methods for modeling and design of lattice structures
  • Design optimization of 3D beam and lattice structures for large deformation response or 4D printing

If you are interest in writing your theses with us, please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the group or directly.

Currently available topics:

  • Experimental characterization of material and structural properties for greyscale MSLA 3D printing (Bachelor thesis, Nov-2019, more information – in German)
  • Isogeometric finite element and collocation methods for beams – comparison of cost and accuracy (Master thesis)
  • Global and local design optimization methods for 3D beam and lattice structures (Master thesis)
  • Implementation of thermal conduction in isogeometric 3D beam models (Master thesis)
  • Implementation of hyperelastic and shape memory materials in isogeometric 3D beam models (Master thesis)