Beyond Pareto – how to get more out of your quality data and use in operations

17.11.2020 von

Pareto (chart) is a great tool to identify top issues in any domain. It is especially used to identify quality issues in production processes.

1_Error Score

However, in many quality applications errors occur in different forms and time frames:

- Some errors occur sporadic, i.e. only occasionally
- Some errors show a clear trend over the last days or weeks
- Others are critical in terms of total numbers.

The EIT IVE project uses data analytics to address this issue and highlight errors that “fly under the pareto radar”. The following parameters are calculated from rework data sets:

1. Frequency of occurrence
2. Trend
3. Infrequency (sporadic)
4. Time effort for rework

To make the results available in operations, an overall error score is calculated and displayed to operators in rework and in line. This helps identify critical quality issues that lead to rework efforts and thus reduce these efforts.

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