Our activities are service-oriented. We are providing services for our customers.

Our activities are service-oriented. We are providing services for our customers. As our customers we consider:

  • Domestic as well as foreign students,
  • research partners,
  • industrial partners, and
  • the society in general.

Our proximity to our customers is boosting our activities.

We are performing basic and applied research. Additionally, we are performing mission-oriented research, if it is in line with our goals. We are developing management concepts. And therefore, we are able to sustainably meet the requirements of modern enterprises, on both technical and management level.

Within our lectures and courses we are teaching our students complex contents of evolution-immanent technologies in plain and interesting ways. Additionally, by offering them to participate in attractive research activities, we are providing ideal steppingstones for our students.

We are doing internationally acknowledged leading-edge research within our research lines “Digital Factory”, “Information Integration”, “Virtual Product Creation”, and “Collaborative Engineering”:

Digital Factory

The area of competence of digital factory deals with the support of factory planning processes. IT-tools of digital factory based on the factory planning levels according to VDI-5200

  • work centre,
  • segment,
  • building,
  • plant und
  • production network

will be developed, analyzed and used. This includes the development of a factory data management as well as the anbalysis of IT-tools like CAM or material flow simulation.

Information Integration

Within the research line “Information Integration” we are developing object-oriented methods for information modeling as well as conceiving and realizing enhanced information as well as system integration. Regarding this, we do not restrict our capabilities to the domain of mechanical engineering.

Virtual Product Creation

In the context of “Virtual Product Creation” we are focusing on product creation processes. Hereby, we are dealing with the conception, development, analysis and evaluation of process-oriented product creation methods. We are especially proud of our know-how about creating and managing process-relevant, multi-disciplinary product data (CAX, DMU etc.,) throughout the product life cycle as well as our know-how related to knowledge management.

Collaborative Engineering

Within the research line “Collaborative Engineering” we are realizing methods and tools for enabling location-spanning, internal as well as external communication and co-operation between enterprises. With the aid of so-called collaboration-enablers we are able to offer a basis for ad-hoc collaboration.

We do not conceive our innovative goals, which we are pursuing within our research lines, as fixed. In fact, we have developed a flexible framework, which enables us to adapt our goals in creative ways, also within well-known activities, to the dynamically changing needs of our customers as well as to changes in research-related political conditions.