The department "Computer Integrated Design" has contributed significantly to a number of important projects.

The most important results are:

  • the development of product data technology using methods and tools of information modelling,
  • the contribution to the international standard ISO 10303 “Product Data Representation and Exchange” (known as STEP, “Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data”),
  • the methodology of 3-dimensional modelling using methods of parametrics and knowledge based design, and
  • the contribution to Virtual and Collaborative Engineering

One of the most important contributions was the new concept for the education of students in mechanical engineering. This concept integrates information and communication technology into the engineering education. It includes object oriented modelling and programming, 3 dimensional modelling using parametric CAD-systems, the integration of CAD and PDM technologies and the installation and operation of integrated processes for product creation.

Thinking in processes, collaboration in interdisciplinary teams and project management have thus become basics for powerful engineering skills.

Over the years, within several projects a multitude of products were realised.