Enterprise Rights Management (ERM.Open)

General information

Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) is a technology that aims at securing digital documents. This technology only grants access on encryption-secured documents to authorized personnel. ERM is a promising but yet new technology and only few existing solutions are used in corporate environments. Due to high demands particularly found in virtual product development, introduction and establishment of the ERM technology in corporations is a big challenge.

The ERM.Open working group is part of the ProSTEP iViP Association. The working group aims to increase interoperability and to simplify integration of ERM solutions to achieve the following goals:

  • Pave the ground for an efficient and successful introduction of the ERM technology inside and between companies
  • Enable companies with a heterogeneous IT infrastructure and complex business processes to exchange ERM-protected data as effortless as possible
  • Increase the overall market for ERM solutions by reducing investment risk through ERM standards
  • Offer flexible solutions to secure IP in global engineering environments

DiK’s activities in the working group

DiK supports the ERM.Open working group as an academic partner and contributes to strengthen integration of ERM-Methods in the engineering area. In this process, DiK operates an own application lab in which the existing different ERM solutions are investigated in manifold practical scenarios. In the working group, amongst others, DiK is collaborating with Microsoft, PROSTEP, Siemens, VW, BMW and Continental so that questions with industrial relevance are obtained directly and a close practical orientation of the research is established. At the same time, experience gained from DiK research and suggestions for improvements are directly returned to industrial corporations and ERM vendors.

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