Advanced Design Projects at the DiK

In the project work Advanced Design Project changing problems from the field "Virtual Product Development" are dealt with by an interdisciplinary team.

An overview on current offered topics is available here.

In the winter semester 2002/2003 the event Advanced Design Project – Virtual Product Development was offered the first time as a project placement. It is concipated for students of engineering as an interdisciplinary team work in cooperation with industry during two weeks. Therefor a comprehensive construction or systematical problem from engineering has to be solved independently by an interdisciplinary team, by means students of different specialisation. Initial point here is the idea of process chains by applying methods of CAD-modelling, FEM-calculation and MKS-simulation.

  • Global Collaborative Engineering ADP


    Advanced Design Project (ADP)

    This international ADP takes place annually with students from Germany, China, USA and Mexico and provides experience of global collaboration as well as essential CAx process chains through a future-oriented mobility concept.

    Attendance is expected during the weekly Wednesday lectures.

    The course language is English.

    Supervisors: Niklas Quernheim, M.Sc., Sven Winter, M. Sc.

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  • Weiterentwicklung einer IoT- Plattform für die datengetriebene Produktion & Nutzung von Drohnen

    Further Development of a Platform for Data-Driven Production of Drones


    Masterthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP)

    As part of the research, an existing IoT platform is to be further developed for the dataPro project, on which the production of configurable flying robots takes place.

    Supervisor: Serdar Bulut, M. Eng. M. Sc.

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  • Aufbau eines Digitalen Zwillings am Beispiel der Additiven Fertigung

    Design of a Digital Twin using the Example of Additive Manufacturing


    Advanced Design Project (ADP)

    Integrating sensor data into the digital twin enables various applications. This requires a corresponding user interface that supports the users in their operation.

    Supervisor: Benjamin Röhm, M.Sc.

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  • Digitaler Zwilling in der additiven Fertigung

    Digital Twin in Additive Manufacturing


    Masterthesis, Bachelorthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP), Advanced Research Project (ARP)

    One of the main research areas at DiK is digital twins in additive manufacturing. In this area there are always sub-topics that can be worked on by student theses or HiWi's.

    Supervisor: Slim Krückemeier, M.Sc.

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