Introduction 3D-Printing and Additive Manufacturing

The new lecture series "Introduction 3D-Printing and Additive Manufacturing" highlight different perspectives of the technological level and the progressive development of additive manufacturing.

Location: L4|02 – 202 (HMZ Lichtwiese)

Time: Wednesdays, from 17:10 until 18:40

Start: 17. October 2018

Learning Targets

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Explain all terms of 3D-Printing and Additive Manufacturing.
  • Follow through with a systematic comparison of alternative production methods.
  • Analyze the influence of the materials on the quality of products.
  • Explain the design demands of 3D-parts.
  • Distinguish important aspects of CAD models and voxel models.
  • Show and discuss the potentials of Additive Manufacturing.


The following lectures will be offered:

  • Einführung
  • Prozesskette zur additiven Fertigung
  • Design Rules zur additiven Fertigung
  • Extrusionsverfahren und Stereolithografie
  • Selektives Lasersintern
  • Werkstoffe zur additiven Fertigung
  • Modellierung und Simulation des Selektiven Laserschmelzens
  • Bauteilfestigkeit
  • Anwendungen im Flugzeugbau
  • Anwendungen im Motorsport
  • Funktionsintegration
  • Praxisberichte
  • Multi Color Printing
  • Markt und Trends