Fundamentals of Digitalisation

GdD (Fundamentals of Digitalisation) teaches Information and Communication basics and an introduction to the field of digitalization in mechanical engineering.

Location: S1|05-122

Time: On Mondays from 08:00 until 09:40 a.m.

Semester: winter semester

Beginning: 25.10.2021

Last lecture: 14.02.2022

Examination: Semester-long software project

In the lecture the fundamentals of information and communication technology in mechanical engineering are communicated. The content and curriculum is outlayed for the requirements in engineering for data processing. The basics of information and communication technology include the following topics:

  • Introduction in information and communication technology
  • Methods for object-oriented programme development
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Mathematical and technical foundations
  • Communication and network technology
  • Methodical application of information and communication technology

The educational objectives of GdD contain the control of the basics of EDP, especially the underlying mathematics and the understanding of programme development as well as knowledge about programming languages and techniques. The capability of developing of data structures and algorithms, the knowledge about the different application systems and the understanding of the relation between operation systems and application software as well as the knowledge about modern Internet technology represent a further base for students of mechanical engineering in the first semester.