Bachelor Studies at the DiK

On the following pages the lectures offered by the DiK can be found within the scope of the Bachelor's degree.

The education for students already starts in the first semester with Fundamentals of Digitalisation (formerly Information- and Communicationtechnology) and Programming Languages and Techniques. Inside the exercise of GdD basics for the concept of software by using state of the art tools for Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) are taught. In addition to the GdD lecture the content of teaching from the field 'methods of programming are deepened in the exercise course. An introduction into a programming language is offered Matlab and Python. Thereby the main focus is on the methods of object orientated programming. The education follows three steps: theoretical introductions, coached exercises and self practice.

In the second semester students of mechanical engineering and industrial engineering attend to an introduction in computer-aided design (CAD). Especially modelling techniques for 3D-CAD systems considering the process chain product development are being taught. In this lecture and in the corresponding exercise the basics of 3 dimensional design using a parametrical CAD system are being presented and its classification in the development of the solution of design problems is beeing chosen. Here, the educational objectives are the 3 dimensional description of geometrical components, the illustration of design intentions, the generation of product structures plus the definition and search of standard parts and purchased parts.

The team orientated work method in the exercise is systematically supported by a PDM system. The found solutions have to be demonstrated and documentated in different ways, whereat the deduction of standardised engineering drawings from 3D models has great importance. All documents of the lecture are beeing offered in Internet, whereby the students are being taught in the self responsible handling with tools of the modern information technology.

The lecture 'Basics of CAE/CAD' gives an introduction into the fundamental knowledge and skills of computer-aided modelling and simulation. It is a required course in the third semester for Bachelor students of the field of study Computational Engineering. The scope of lectures are addressed also to students of mechanical engnieering and informatics. Thereby in addtion to the weekly lecture by Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Anderl coached exercises at five dates take place. In line with the lecture 'Basics of CAE/CAD the basics of simulation and modelling are being taught. The topic is being presented with the example of FEM calculation.