Symposium on Thermoacoustics in Combustion (SoTiC) in Zurich

2023/10/25 by

The STFS aero-engine thermoacoustics team Cetin Alanyalioglu and Hanna Reinhardt travelled to Zurich in September 2023 to network with the scientific acoustics community and to present the resent advances in processing of thermoacoustic data sets and hybrid, high-fidelity LES-CAA coupling.

Cetin Alanyalioglu et al. presented their findings on the “Comparison of acoustic, optical, and heat release rate based flame transfer functions for a lean-burn injector under engine-like conditions” (Paper number 38).

In this work we present different methods for post-processing of numerical and experimental data sets, demonstrating good agreement between heat-release-rate-based flame transfer functions (FTF) and optical FTF obtained from experiment.

To improve on acoustic post-processing, an acoustic network approach is introduced.

Hanna Reinhardt et al. expanded on their findings from the ASME Turbo Expo and applied the runtime coupled CFD-CAA method to a high-pressure configuration, using high-fidelity LES for the combustion and fluid flow dynamics. (Paper number 36)

The authors compare the results from the novel numerical approach to a conventional compressible LES. It could be demonstrated that not only does the runtime-coupled hybrid method provide very similar results to the compressible LES; it also proves to be less computationally expensive, therefore constituting a promising alternative.

Both papers were well received by the community, resulting in the current preparation to publish the work in the International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics.