Tutorial Finite Element Simulation in Structural and Solid Mechanics

Details on our tutorial "Finite Element Simulation in Structural and Solid Mechanics"

The theoretical knowledge from the lecture “Introduction to the Finite Element Method” is applied and extended in this tutorial. Therefore, the commercial finite element software ANSYS is used to solve various problems from structural and solid mechanics.

Four practical exercises are carried out to gain a better insight into the workflow with a FEM software tool. The exercises and the documentation of results will be done in teams of 2 students. Each of the problems will be first introduced and discussed in a common session, then the teams will have 2-3 weeks to solve the current problem and document their results.

Participants should have basic knowledge in the FEM, e.g. from completing the lecture “Introduction to the Finite Element Method” or similar.


  • Computation of practical application cases from structural and solid mechanics using the FEM software package ANSYS
  • Model abstraction and generation of FE grids (meshing)
  • Using various element types (2D/3D, beams, shells)
  • Consideration of nonlinearities (e.g., finite deformations, nonlinear material behavior, contact)
  • Dynamic and modal analysis
  • Form optimization
  • Evaluation of results (post-processing) and error estimation
  • Documentation of FEA results

Summer term 2023

The common parts of the tutorial will be held in presence in the PC room S4|10-6. Remote access to the PCs to use ANSYS is also possible. Please register for the course via TUCaN and Moodle for more information.

The tasks of the tutorial are to be solved in groups of 2 students.

If you are interested in participating in the tutorial, please register as group or as individual (if you are looking for a partner) via email to no later than April 16, 2023.


Course name Tutorial Finite Element Simulation in Structural and Solid Mechanics
Module no. 16-73-5070
Term Summer
Lecturer Prof. Dr. rer. nat. O. Weeger
Responsible assistants Iman Valizadeh, M.Sc.
Juan Alzate, M.Sc.
Credit points 4
Start of course Tue, April 18, 2023
Meeting dates Tuesdays, 09:50-11:20
+ Thursdays, 14:00-15:30 (if desired)
Room S4|10 – Room 6 (Dolivostr. 15)
Language English (and German)
Examination Result reports during the semester
Further information and
teaching materials
see TUCaN and Moodle