Cyber-Physical Simulation

Welcome on the web pages of the Institute Cyber-Physical Simulation within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Technische Universität Darmstadt.


The Cyber-Physical Simulation (CPS) Group within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt is doing research on the development of advanced computational methods and modeling approaches for nonlinear, multiscale, and multiphysics problems in mechanical engineering.

With these novel methodologies, we aim to (1) enable more accurate, efficient, flexible, and robust numerical modeling and simulation; (2) bridge the gap between computer-aided design, simulation, design optimization, and fabrication; and (3) combine classical, physics-based approaches with data-driven, physics-informed machine learning.

These developments are crucial for the engineering adoption of many advanced and emerging manufacturing and materials technologies, and to fully exploit their potentials. Furthermore, they are integral parts of the development of digital twins of cyber-physical systems that facilitate more efficient and sustainable product development and operation.

In addition to Mechanical Engineering, we are also involved in teaching in the study areas of Computational Engineering and Mechanics. With the “Introduction to the Finite Element Method” we offer a course in which students become familiar with the basics of the FEM, which is widely used in industry and academia. In addition, we offer a lecture that introduces students to the concepts of “multiscale simulation”, which are becoming increasingly important in practice and research. In our tutorials, students can put their theoretical knowledge of FEM into practice and experience the use of machine learning methods in mechanics.