Multiskale Simulation gewebeverstärkter Hydrogele zur 3D-Gewebeentwicklung

Advanced Research Project (ARP)

Textile-reinforced hydrogels with adjustable porosity and elasticity can function as a versatile platform for soft tissue engineering, e.g. for self-healing implants or prothesis.


  • Theoretical knowledge of the finite element method and (ideally) multiscale simulation
  • Basic experience with FEA/CAE software or codes (e.g. ANSYS or open-source codes)
  • Programming skills in Python, MATLAB or C++

Research objective

Development of a computational multiscale simulation framework that enables the prediction of the mechanical behaviour of textile-reinforced hydrogels for 3D tissue engineering. The ultimate goal is to be able to reproduce experimental results for validation and further sumilate the behaviour when parameters of the used materials are varied.