Simulation und Optimierung von Lattice-Strukturen

Simulation and optimization of lattice structures


  • Optimization of CAD-based lattice structure generation and the interfaces between CAD and FEM
  • Examination of influencing parameters on mechanical properties in lattice structures
  • Development of a method to optimize the properties of lattice structures
  • Formulation of a guideline for the design of propertiy-optimized lattice structures
  • Student of mechanical engineering with focus on numerical computation or simulation
  • Knowledge in CAD, strength of materials and FE simulation
  • Ability to work independently and pro-actively

Research objective

Opimization of the mechanical properties of lattice structures and development of an enhanced method to generate the FE model Optimierung der mechanischen Eigenschaften der Lattice-Struktur sowie Erarbeitung einer verbesserten Methode zur Erstellung des FE-Modells