The Cyber-Physical Simulation (CPS) group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt focuses on the development of advanced computational methods that integrate mechanical simulation and design optimization with multi-scale and multi-physics systems.

We aim at facilitating a seamless thread or digital twin connecting the digital design, simulation and optimization process with physical manufacturing and utilization processes, thus enabling engineers to develop reliable, high-quality products with advanced functionality in short product design cycles.

Our interdisciplinary research is centred around three core themes that connect mechanical engineering, numerical mathematics and computational science:

1. Computational methods for solving ordinary and partial differential equations in engineering, in particular structural and continuum mechanics, as well as isogeometric analysis.

2. Design and optimization methods and their integration into seamless digital design, simulation, optimization and manufacturing frameworks.

3. Engineering applications in advanced manufacturing technologies and enhancement of computational methods with multi-physics, multi-scale and data science approaches.

Overview Cyberphysical Simulation


  • 2019/10/23

    Bachelor thesis topic in 3D printing

    Experimental characterization of material and structural properties for greyscale MSLA 3D printing. More information …

  • 2019/09/23

    Lecture on Finite Element Methods in winter term 2019-20

    Prof. Weeger is offering a new Masters lecture “Introduction to the Finite Element Method” in winter term 2019-2020 from October 15, 2019 onwards. The new course replaces the class “Finite Elemente Methoden in der Strukturmechanik”, which was previuosly offered by FNB institute. Further information on theCPS website

  • 2019/05/13

    Welcome to CPS, Mr. Valizadeh!

    We extend a warm welcome Mr. Iman Valizadeh, who joined the Cyber-Physical Simulation group as a scientific assistant in May 2019! Previously, Mr. Valizadeh obtained a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from TU Dortmund.