The Cyber-Physical Simulation (CPS) group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt focuses on the development of advanced computational methods that integrate mechanical simulation and design optimization with multi-scale and multi-physics systems.

We aim at facilitating a seamless thread or digital twin connecting the digital design, simulation and optimization process with physical manufacturing and utilization processes, thus enabling engineers to develop reliable, high-quality products with advanced functionality in short product design cycles.

Our interdisciplinary research is centred around three core themes that connect mechanical engineering, numerical mathematics and computational science:

1. Computational methods for solving ordinary and partial differential equations in engineering, in particular structural and continuum mechanics, as well as isogeometric analysis.

2. Design and optimization methods and their integration into seamless digital design, simulation, optimization and manufacturing frameworks.

3. Engineering applications in advanced manufacturing technologies and enhancement of computational methods with multi-physics, multi-scale and data science approaches.

Overview Cyberphysical Simulation


  • 2020/07/13

    New publication by Iman Valizadeh in the Archive of Applied Mechanics

    growth teaser

    We are happy to share the latest article by our research assistant Iman Valizadeh, which has just been published in the Archive of Applied Mechanics. “Nonlinear multiscale simulation of instabilities due to growth of an elastic film on a microstructured substrate” is now available for free download under Open Access under DOI 10.1007/s00419-020-01728-w

  • 2020/06/19

    Student assistant (HiWi) positions at CPS

    The Cyber-Physical Simulation Group of Prof. Oliver Weeger is constantly looking for student assistants to various support teaching and research activities. If interested, please send an email with your application documents (CV and course transcripts) to Prof. Weeger.

  • 2020/04/06

    Solid mechanics tutorial in summer term 2020

    The “solid mechanics tutorial” will be held digitally only during the summer term using video tutorials and online meetings at least until June 1, 2020.