Picture: DFG

At the TU Darmstadt several DFG Collaborative Research Centers and Transregios are coordinated, four of them in Mechanical Engineering.

Number Title Spokesperson
1194 Interaction between Transport and Wetting Processes Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Stephan, Institute for Technical Thermodynamics
666 Integral Sheet Metal Design with Higher Order Bifurcations Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Groche,
Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines
805 Control of Uncertainty in Load-Carrying Structures in Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Pelz,
Chair of Fluid Systems
TRR 150 Turbulent, chemically reactive multi-phase flows near walls Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Janicka, Working Group Energy and Power Plant Technology;
Prof. Dr. Andreas Dreizler,
Institute for Reactive Flows and Diagnostics