Workshop on 17.12.19

With Industry 4.0 to the paperless factory


The discussion about digitizing processes and networking production machines is in full swing. However, the terms used are rarely easy to understand. In the workshop we will therefore give you an introduction to Vision Industry 4.0 and show you possible applications in our paperless learning factory as well as the resulting advantages – for example through the availability of production information and its dynamic adaptation.

Whether “cyber-physical systems”, “horizontal integration” or “decentralized intelligence” – we first clarify the essential technical terms and convey the basic technologies in connection with Vision Industry 4.0. With this knowledge you can take the first steps in your company to make your production more efficient.

Subsequently, we will present possible applications of digital technologies to increase efficiency and illustrate these using good practice examples and demonstrators in our learning factory. The event also offers you the opportunity for open discussion and exchange of experience.


Serdar Bulut

target audience

The workshop is aimed at participants who are interested in the topic of digitisation and would like to receive impulses from implemented examples of the learning factory.

Learning goals

  • Industry 4.0 and the associated potentials.
  • Get to know basic technologies related to industry 4.0, such as condition monitoring, digital shop floor management, identification concepts for tracking and tracing components.
  • Get to know and understand industry 4.0 application examples in the learning factory.

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