The DiK at the AHFE 2022 in New York!

2022/08/22 by

The international conference AHFE 2022 took place in New York from 24 to 28 July 2022. The conference offered interesting stimuli and opportunities for scientific exchange with colleagues from research and industry from all over the world.

Talk: „Augmented reality-based programming of robot arms”

Vladimir Kutscher, M.Sc.

Talk: „Configuration of a web-based digital twin using a modular and flexible simulation chain”

Christian Plesker, M.Sc.

Talk: „Concept for the selection and positioning of sensor technology in the development of advanced systems”

Benjamin Röhm, M.Sc.

Talk: „Development of a guideline for the sensor layout plan”

Tanja Steinbach, M.Sc.

Talk: „Development of an information model for the pre-process of additive manufacturing”

Fabian Arnold, M.Sc.