Introduction to the Finite Element Method

Detailes on our lecture "Introduction to the Finite Element Method"


  • Fundamental concepts of discretization and approximation
  • Mathematical modelling with partial differential equations
  • Strong and weak forms of PDEs (variational principle, principle of virtual work, Ritz & Galerkin methods, method of weighted residuals)
  • Isoparametric element formulations for linear continuum elements in heat transfer and structural mechanics
  • Numerical integration and solution of sparse systems linear of equations
  • Enforcement of boundary conditions
  • Mathematical foundations of FEM and convergence analysis (h- & p-refinement, error estimation and adaptivity)
  • Locking phenomena, mixed methods and reduced integration
  • Modal analysis and time-integration methods for dynamics
  • Structural beam and truss elements

Digital teaching in winter term 2021-2022

The lecture is organized in a blended learning format. Learning units with videos, slides, tutorial and other materials are provided in the Moodle course. Additionally, there will be a weekly interactive lecture session on Tuesdays at 09:50 for reviews, group exercises and questions. Depending on the pandemic situation and rules, this session will be held in presence (in the lecture hall) or via Zoom.


Lecture name Introduction to the Finite Element Method
Module no. 16-73-5030
Term Winter
Lecturer Prof. Dr. rer. nat. O. Weeger
Responsible assistant Iman Valizadeh, M.Sc.
Credit points 6
Contact hours Lecture: 3 SWS
Recitation: 1 SWS
Lecture & recitation dates Tue, 09:50-11:20 (via Zoom or in the lecture hall)
Start of lectures Tue, 19 October 2021
Room L5|06-11
Language English (Summaries and lecture script in German)
Examination Written examination
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lecture notes
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Usability of this module

  • Master in Mechanical Engineering (Electives Area II)
  • Master in Aerospace Engineering
  • Master in Computational Engineering
  • Master in Mechanics
  • Master in Business Administration/Industrial Engineering – specialising in Mechanic