Gender Equality at the Mechanical Engineering Department

Welcome to the website of gender equality at the department of mechanical and process engineering. You can find out more about current offerings from the Equal Opportunites Team and the work being done on the topic of equality at the department.

News of the Equal Opportunities Team

New edition of the Achtung campaign

The Central Equality Office has organized various events to educate, inform and raise awareness about sexism. Learn more

Die Power Bar: Ingenieurin – und dann? Mit Power in die Promotion!

The Power Bar cordially invites all female students of mechanical engineering programs to network in a relaxed atmosphere and to jointly consider doctoral studies as an option for the future. The event is in German but speakers of all languages are welcome to join! Learn more

HiWi (m/f/d) wanted for the Equal Opportunities Team

The department's Equal Opportunities Team is seeking immediate support.

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Funding is awarded after individual review by the Equal Opportunity Working Group. At the department of Mechanical Engineering, the following measures in particular are funded:

  • Women-specific training events
  • Grants/coverage of travel expenses for participation in programs for the advancement of women (e.g. Mentoring Hessen: ProCareer.MINT, ProCareer.Doc, ProAcademia, ProProfessur. etc.)
  • Events for the networking and advancement of women at the department.
  • Advertising measures and projects to increase the proportion of women in the study program
  • Gender awareness training for men and women

Measures for groups are preferred over individual support.

If the funding measure is a trip, the settlement of the costs should be made as soon as possible, as travel expenses are only reimbursed up to six months after completion of the trip. Please use our request for reimbursement form for this purpose. Please also adhere to the following guidelines so that your request for reimbursement can be processed as quickly as possible:

  • Attach only original receipts to your application, copied receipts will not be accepted.
  • If you wish to be reimbursed for travel expenses by car, the exact address of the destination must be provided.

The Gender Equality Officeroffers many other support programs.


For prospective students

For (post-)doctoral students

For employees

For professors

There are also the following offers at TU Darmstadt:

SekretariaNet – Initiative of female employees at TU Darmstadt

Balance sport for women – Unisport Zentrum

Program for Master students (opens in new tab) at the Collaborative Research Center SFB-TRR 75 (Droplet dynamic processes under extreme environmental conditions)

The Working Group Equality meets every 6 weeks and consists of members of all status groups of the department. Here, for example, events on equality are planned and funding applications are approved. If you are interested in participating, you can contact the Equal Opportunities Team.

Equal Opportunity Officers are elected for two-year terms at the Department's Women's Assembly (last meeting Feb. 08, 2022). The current team of equal opportunity representatives at the department consists of:

  • Heidi Schweitzer (ATM / IfW),
  • Bärbel Spindler (ATM / DiK)
  • Sophie Sandner (WiMi / PTW)
  • Ariane Auernhammer (WiMi / RSM)

The Equal Opportunity Officers promote equality at the department and provide support when conflicts arise. In addition, they organize workshops on the advancement of women and networking meetings, are advisory members of committees (departmental council, appointment committees and hiring procedures), develop the equal opportunity concept and measures to recruit female students.