Gruppen und Vertretungen

Groups and representative bodies

Above and beyond the programmes of study, the TU Darmstadt and the Department of Mechanical Engineering offer a wide range of opportunities to get involved and to participate in leisure activities.

Representative bodies

The TU Darmstadt is a self-governing university. This means a high level of participation in decision-making. The various interest groups can use their representative bodies to influence decisions made. You can find information about the central TU bodies here…

Interest groups

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is made up of the following groups, which are represented in the bodies and working groups:

Department Council

Bodies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Department Council (legislative organ in accordance with the universities law in Hessen and the laws of the TU Darmstadt)
  • Budget Committee
  • Doctorate Committee
  • Examinations Commission
  • Academic Commission

Working Groups in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Construction
  • Promotion of women
  • Teaching
  • Literature
  • Safety
  • Structure
  • Academic operations

University groups

Over 30 student groups at the TU Darmstadt invite you to get involved: Constructing racing cars, singing in the choir or playing in the orchestra, horse-riding, acting…and making new friends along the way. The range of activities is wide and varied. Further information is available here…