Project conclustion video


The AI-In-Orbit Factory project has been successfully completed. A short summary of the work can now be viewed in a project conclusion video.

In the AI-In-Orbit-Factory project, research was conducted between 01 August 2020 and 31 July 2022 on concepts for the in-orbit production of small satellites based on the integration of artificial intelligence. In the process, a Digital Process Twin was developed at DiK (now PLCM) to monitor and control activities in the In-Orbit Factory. A summary of the results can now be viewed in a final video.

The work on the research topics of the project will be continued in a follow-up project “ACOR – AI-enabled Cyber-Physical In-Orbit Self-Recovering Factory” from 01 August 2022, where the focus will now be on the recovery capability of the processes in the in-orbit factory.