The PLCM at the GCSM 2022 in Berlin!

2022/11/10 by

18th GCSM 2023 in Berlin: Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing

From 03 to 05 October 2022, the international conference GSCM took place at the Produktionstechnisches Zentrum (PTZ) Berlin to provide opportunities for scientific exchange with colleagues from research and industry from all over the world. The conference was full of exciting presentations and insights into the current and future development of sustainable production. Many thanks to all keynote speakers and all other participants!

The PLCM was represented at the GCSM by Niklas Quernheim, Sven Winter and Tanja Steinbach:

N. Quernheim: Concept for the Evaluation and Categorization of Sustainability Assessment Methods and Tools.

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  • S. Winter: Approach to Reduce the Environmental Impact of a CNC Manufactured Product in the CAD Phase.

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  • T. Steinbach: Development of a Potential Analysis for the Introduction of Sustainable Digitization Solutions.

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