PLCM Research Lab

A research laboratory is located in the center of the department to present selected results and demonstrators from the various research areas of the department to interested visitors.

In the research laboratory, the scientific staff and students of the department can jointly research and develop industrial use cases and prototypes. The location of the room in the center of the department with direct connection to the glazed meeting room regularly attracts guests and offers an insight into the application and transfer of the concepts developed at the department.

The research laboratory, which is constantly evolving, is a place of collaboration with other universities, departments, institutes and companies, where scientific exchanges and industrial transfers take place regularly. The space has been divided into four categories for the presentation of results, which are based on the profile of the field in both basic and applied research: Virtual Product Development, Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and IT Security. In addition to sufficient space for the demonstrators, workstations are available in each area to allow groups to work on the demonstrators as well. A snapshot of the research lab can also be viewed on the department's website. An interactive 360° tour is available here and more detailed information can be accessed for each demonstrator on display.