Simulation reaktiver Thermo-Fluid Systeme

The Institute focuses on modeling and simulating (CFD = Computational Fluid Dynamics) thermo-fluid dynamic processes in mechanical and chemical process engineering. Typical technical applications include internal combustion engines, reactors in process engineering, gas turbines or catalysts.

The motivation of our research

The research group's work is characterized by close collaboration between basic and application-oriented research.

Fundamental research questions on relevant sub-processes often arise from technical applications. Some typical examples are turbulence-chemistry interaction, population balance dynamics, high-pressure sprays or fluid-wall interactions.

To this end, we develop mathematical models for applications involving the simulation of chemical engineering processes and the combustion of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. This allows methods and results from fundamental research to be directly transferred to technical applications.

We are developing a suite of in-house software tools, but we also use packages such as OpenFOAM®, ANSYS® CFX® and ANSYS® Fluent®, extended by our methods and codes. Simulations are carried out on our own cluster and on large-scale computing facilities at national computing centers.