Energy Technologies in Mechanical Engineering


The student has a broad overview of national and international energy problems under ecological, economic and technical aspects. Through knowledge of the basic principles of thermodynamics, such as first and second law of thermodynamics, the student is able to assess energy processes and systems quantitatively and qualitatively. The student understands the importance of a suitable choice of the system boundary of energy systems. The student has developed an understanding of the essential physical and technical processes involved in thermodynamic cycle processes. He / She has an overview of energy conversion processes in mechanical engineering and methodological knowledge for the quantitative design of power plant processes, heat generation processes, mixing processes and energy conversion processes in industry and transport.

Organisational Matters

TuCan Energy Technologies in Mechanical Engineering
Course Master 5CP – Basic module
Semester Winter
Lecturer Dr. Paul Michael Falk
Examination format Summer semester: Written exam
Winter semester: Written exam
Language English
Format Lecture + Exercises