Technical Thermodynamics 2


The lecture Technical Thermodynamics 2 extends the thermodynamic concepts introduced in Technical Thermodynamics 1 and applies them to more complex systems and processes. The content of the lecture includes:

1. Ideal gas mixtures: the knowledge of the description of the state of ideal gases is extended to ideal gas mixtures.

2. Humid air and air conditioning processes: The lecture covers the characteristics and states of humid air in various mixture forms. Students learn to describe and calculate changes in the state of humid air in air-conditioning processes.

3. Combustion processes & their energy balances: You will learn to understand the thermodynamics of complete and incomplete combustion processes. This includes the derivation of important reaction equations for combustion processes and the determination of air requirements and exhaust gas composition for different fuels. Students will also be able to draw up detailed energy balances for combustion processes and calculate important variables such as the heat release.

4. Thermodynamic potentials: The lecture deepens the understanding of thermodynamic potentials and their applications in relation to equilibrium relationships.

5. Phase equilibria and chemical equilibrium: Students learn to establish equilibrium relationships and to calculate idealised phase equilibria and equilibria of reversible chemical reactions.

6. Chemical equilibrium: Equilibrium reactions are introduced. This enables students to predict the behavior of chemical systems under changes in pressure, temperature and substance.

These course contents and learning outcomes provide a broad understanding of advanced thermodynamic concepts and their application in various engineering fields such as air conditioning, energy conversion and reaction processes.

Organisational Matters

TuCan Technical Thermodynamics II
Course Bachelor 4CP – Mandatory course
Semester Summer
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hasse
Examination format Summer semester: Written exam
Winter semester: Written exam
Language German
Lecture format Lecture + Exercises
Consultation hours Will be announced before each exam via Moodle
Otherwise by arrangement