Simulation of 3D lattice structures subject to large deformations


In our latest article in collaboration with colleagues from Arizona State University, we have demonstrated the application of 3D beam models for the simulation of 3D printed beam lattice structures.

This work was carried out in collaboration with Prof. Dhruv Bhate and Yash Mistry from the Arizona State University and may lead the path to efficient simulation based design and optimization of 3D printed lattices and metamaterials.

In the publication, which just appeared in Additive Manufacturing Letters, we

  • show the computational simulation of beam lattices using a finite deformation 3D beam model;
  • considering inelastic material behavior, instabilities, and contacts;
  • in application to lattices fabricated by laser sintering and vat photopolymerization;
  • exhibiting very good agreement of simulations and experiments in loading and unloading.

The article is available under open access at