Recent Publications on Flame-Wall Interaction

2023/07/12 by

Two recently published papers offer valuable insights into the modeling of flame-wall interaction using chemistry manifolds.

Schematic representation of the flame-vortex interaction during turbulent flame-wall interaction.

The first publication, titled “Flame-vortex Interaction during Turbulent Side-Wall Quenching and its Implications for Flamelet Manifolds” (DOI) was presented at the 39th combustion symposium. It investigates the influence of flame-vortex interaction during turbulent flame-wall interaction on near-wall thermochemical states and pollutant formation. The paper introduces a novel manifold model capable of capturing these effects.

In the follow-up work, “Assessment of Flamelet Manifolds for Turbulent Flame-Wall Interactions in Large-Eddy Simulations” (DOI), the manifold is validated in a fully coupled Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) of a side-wall quenching flame stabilized in a turbulent channel flow. The results demonstrate the superior prediction capabilities of the novel manifold model compared to standard modeling approaches, particularly in predicting near-wall CO formation.

These new findings significantly advance our understanding of near-wall combustion processes and pave the way for highly accurate simulations of technical combustion systems.