Paper on cool flames

14.11.2023 von

Flames are hot … well, not always

I am pleased to report that our latest paper on cool flames has been published in the journal Combustion and Flame. Cool flames are closely related to low-temperature chemistry (LTC).

In this study, we performed transient 2D simulations for the forced ignition processes of premixed cool and hot flames. Different ignition energies and strain rates are used to ignite and stabilize cool and/or hot flames. The critical conditions for the ignition of cool and hot flames are identified, and the quenching of the cool flame kernel and its transition to a hot flame are discussed. We have identified four regimes (I) cool flame only, (II) hot flame only, (III) ignition failure, and (IV) transition from cool flame to hot flames (with appearance of double flame structure). This is summarized in a regime diagram. These results provide new insights into how the flow affects cool flame ignition and transition.

Check out the video that shows the transition from a cool to a hot flame.

Forced ignition of premixed cool and hot DME/air flames in a laminar counterflow

Yan Wang, Shumeng Xie, Hannes Böttler, Yiqing Wang, Xinyi Chen, Arne Scholtissek, Christian Hasse, Zheng Chen

Combustion and Flame 259 (2024) 113169