Clean Circles at “alles wissen”

Television report in the hr programme on our research into iron as an energy store broadcasted


Editor Rainer Terzo from the “Alles Wissen” team at Hessischer Rundfunk visited Clean Circles with a film crew in November to find out more about iron as a central component of the energy transition.

In the report from 30.11.2023, research into iron as a carbon-free energy carrier is presented up close. In addition to insights into our laboratories and the Lichtenberg II supercomputer, Prof. Andreas Dreizler, Prof. Christian Hasse and Prof. Michèle Knodt are interviewed.

Many thanks to the team from Hessischer Rundfunk for the exciting report and filming!

You can find a recording of the program in the Clean Circles Pressespiegel or in the ARD-Mediathek (the report is in German).