4 successful Ph.D. defenses in 7 seven days

2024/02/28 by

One of the privileges of being a professor is to work with motivated and highly qualified doctoral students over several years. Last week, Hanna Reinhardt, Matthias Steinhausen, Robert Schmitz, and Magnus Kircher all successfully completed their PhDs. I owe a lot to every one of them. They have shaped STFS over the past years.


This led to a big party attended by colleagues, family, friends, and quite a few former colleagues – some of them came from far away.

From left to right – the new STFS PhDs

Robert Schmitz: Modeling Nanoparticle Formation in Reactive Flows with Quadrature-based Moment Methods

Hanna Reinhardt: A hybrid LES-CAA approach for the simulation and analysis of thermoacoustics in aero-engines

Magnus Kircher: Modeling and scale-resolving simulations of knocking combustion initiation in a spark ignition engine

Matthias Steinhausen: Modeling of near-wall flame dynamics in laminar and turbulent combustion