Master Internship (PO 2014)

12-week internship M.Sc. MPE und M.Sc. PST (PO 2014)

To register for your master's thesis in the study programme M.Sc. Maschinenbau – Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering (PO 2014) and M.Sc. PST (PO 2014), you must complete a twelve-week subject-specific internship. Here you will find all the information you need about what is required of the company, the application, the report and the subsequent recognition of your internship.

You can find the necessary requirements and parameters for your internship in the internship guidelines in the download area . Please carefully read these and the other information provided here before starting your internship and before submitting your reports. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or during our office hours by phone or in person.

The current office hours can be found on the MechCenter website .


Application for recognition of an internship (pdf in German) (opens in new tab) Please fill in the fields shaded in grey and submit the form in person to the Internship Office, along with all other necessary documents.
Confirmation for a compulsory internship for enrolled students Internships required by study or examination regulations and which must be completed during your course of studies are not subject to social security regulations for the time the internship takes place.
Some companies may require a respective confirmation by the Internship Office. If this applies to you, please come to our Office Hours with the address of the company.
Confirmation for a compulsory internship for students who are not yet enrolled Internships completed before starting a degree course as recommended by study and examination regulations are subject to social security regulations. Companies therefore do not usually require confirmation. In the event that such confirmation is necessary, the Internship Office can provide a general document stating that mandatory internships must be completed for your degree programme. If this applies to you, please come to our Office Hours with the address of the company.
Checklist for submitting the internship report Here (opens in new tab) (pdf in German) you will find a short overview of the documents you will need when submitting your internship report for the M.Sc. Maschinenbau – Mechanical and Process Engineering (MPE) (PO 2014). Please also note the detailed information in the internship guidelines on reporting.