Extrernal project work
from Application to Recognition

External project work

Here you can find all information about the requirements for companies, application, preparation and the final application process for recognition of the “External Project Work”.

The requirements for the external project work are regulated in the module handbook of your degree programme (M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering and M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (PO 2021). You can find the module handbook in the download area . In the download area, we have also compiled a separate section with information and forms for the external project work.

Please read these and the other information provided here before starting your external project work.

The external project work does not have to be registered in TuCan. After completion of your internship, you can start the recognition process at the Mechcenter.

If you have any questions, you can simply contact us by or use the open office hours of our student advisory service .

Note for M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering

Please mind, in the study programme M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering at least one ADP must be taken from the Aerospace Engineering subject area, even if the external project work is completed in a company and/or project related to aerospace.

For more information about ADP please look here.


  • The project has a volume of 180 h and has to be done within the scope of an occupation of at least 12 weeks.
  • 12 weeks refer to a full-time internship with a minimum of 35h per week; a part-time internship is also possible, in this case the internship-duration will be extended accordingly.

Company requirements:

Industrial companies and start-ups (more than 5 employees) at national and international level, no public institutions (e.g. GSI, DLR, Frauenhofer, ESA,…)

Tips to find an internship for your external project work:

  • Start early to research interesting companies and prepare your application.
  • You can search for internship vacancies on online job and internship recruitment platforms. You can take a look directly on company websites for vacancies or you can also write a unsolicited application.
  • The internship list of the Mechanical Engineering Student Council (opens in new tab) offers a selection of companies where students have already completed internships.
  • You can find more tips for your internship search and for designing your application documents here. (opens in new tab)
  • Many companies also use Stellenwerk to advertise internship positions for students.

Some companies im Germany may ask you about a certificate for the external project work (in german the term is “Pflichtpraktikumsbescheinigung”) , in which is stated that the internship is mandatory for your study programme.

If you are asked by your internship company to hand in this document, please send us an with the following information. The student advisory service at MechCenter is happy to issue you this certificate.

  • Full name
  • Matriculation number
  • Telephone number (this way it is quicker in case of queries)
  • Company name and internship period

Please note, we do not fill in or sign company forms.

Tips for the external project work

  • Familiarise yourself with the requirements of the portfolio (description of the company and self-reflection) and the list of questions that you will have to hand in at the MechCenter during the recognition process, already before you start your external project work in the company. If you already take notes during your internship it helps to prepare the video, podcast, presentation with audio track or essay which is required for the recognition of your external project work. Please check the section “External Project Work” in the download area for more information.
  • Ask you supervisor in the company in time before the end of the internship about

Checklist for recognition process

The requirements for the company description, the question guided self-reflection and the documents you have to submit for the recognition process are described in our “Checklist for submitting external project work (PO 2021)” (opens in new tab) .