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… because we believe in people, their individual and unique ideas, and our joint strength as a team!

We approach people and their questions openly and with curiosity. We develop ideas and solutions inter- and transdisciplinarily because only by being open and building bridges will we be able to tackle the big issues of the future.

Because that is exactly what is important to us: to shape the future together through research.

That is why people are essential to us. We provide personal support for students and staff and encourage them to find their own paths in life. We offer the space for them to do this and encourage personal responsibility. We develop technology with and for people because progress is made by people.

Mechanical engineering at TU Darmstadt. We engineer future.

Our Mechanical Engineering – Sustainable Engineering bachelor's programme

Mechanical engineering brings together numerous scientific disciplines. Mathematics and physics are the basis of this field of study, but other natural sciences such as chemistry and biology and, more recently, human sciences such as sociology and philosophy also play a role. The reason for this lies in the diversity of the job opportunities and areas of work: From sustainable packaging methods and modern propulsion systems to resource-saving industrial plants and bio-printed organs, mechanical engineers develop, sell, test and research.

It is our common goal that graduates of the Technical University of Darmstadt will be able to evaluate and design technical systems sustainably. Evaluating these includes the functions as well as aspects of system quality, ecology and economy. Furthermore, ethical aspects and aspects of employment are considered.

The important basics for this are already taught at school. Particularly on their way to the Abitur, pupils receive central knowledge which is essential for starting their studies.

Our aspiration. Your future.

We align our research with the UN Sustainable Development Goals because humanity has essential and urgent questions about the future. We are looking for future-proof and inspiring solutions to these challenges. Join us in working towards these solutions for a world of tomorrow that is worth living in.

Responsibility for the world of tomorrow

Engineers help shape the world of tomorrow. We are aware of our responsibility and think beyond our own discipline. We integrate this standard into our bachelor's programme with (amongst others) the course “Engineering Science & Society”. In addition, the principles of sustainability, safety and resource-efficient, ecologically friendly behaviour are essential to all project courses, method-mediating courses and application-oriented courses. Thus, you will be taught to be mindful of your responsibility towards people and the environment throughout your studies.

A team for our future

Engineers are team players, which is why you not only start your studies with a team project, but also complete many more throughout the programme. In the bachelor's programme you complete the Product Design Project, in the master's programme you complete Advanced Design Projects of our different research groups. Thus, you will already work in a team to develop specific solutions to the challenges of the future during your studies.

  • A holistic approach and universal basic education: deepen your skills in mathematics, mechanics and gain expertise in computer science, materials science, mechatronics, computer-aided design, thermodynamics and many more. This way you are well educated – no matter what comes next!
  • Good learning conditions: personal, intensive supervision in group exercises and individual assistance right from the start.
  • Project and team work: make use of your skills in the award-winning first-semester project “Introduction to mechanical engineering” as well as in the one-month “Product Design Project” in the fifth semester. You can also expect exciting project work during your master's programme in the “Advanced Design Projects”.
  • Choices: choose from almost 30 different courses in the elective area of the bachelor’s programme and create your own curriculum in the master's programme.
  • Professorial mentoring: because individual support is our goal

The Department of Mechanical Engineering does not offer a classic dual study programme. Nevertheless, it is possible to combine your studies with an apprenticeship or job. With your own initiative and organisational skills you can make use of the possibility of part-time studies. You can find more general information about part-time studies here. Of course, the MechCenter, your Office for Student Affairs, will help you to set up your individual study plan.