Study mechanical engineering …?

Are you interested in studying mechanical engineering at the "Technische-Universität-Darmstadt"? Then you will find a lot of further information about your studies here!

… because we believe in people, their individual and unique ideas and our joint strength as a team!

We approach people and their questions openly and with curiosity. We develop ideas and solutions inter- and transdisciplinarily, because only by being open and building bridges we will be able to approach the big issues of the future.

Because that is exactly what is important to us: to shape the future together in research.

That is why people are essential for us. We have a personal and individual approach to students and employees. We promote individual paths in life and provide personal support for students and staff, offer freedom and encourage personal responsibility. We develop technology with and for people. Because progress is made by people.

Mechanical engineering at TU Darmstadt. We engineer future.

Studentin an Ihrem Arbeitsplatz
Picture: PTW TU Darmstadt

Mechanical engineering brings together numerous scientific disciplines. Mathematics and physics are the basis of this discipline, but other natural sciences such as chemistry and biology and, more recently, human sciences such as sociology and philosophy also play a role. The reason for this lies in the diversity of the job opportunities and working areas: From the cola can to the aircraft, from the industrial plant to the cardiac pacemaker, mechanical engineers develop, sell, test and research.

The important basics for this are already taught at school. Particularly on the way to the Abitur, pupils receive central knowledge which is essential for starting their studies.

More than just words

As part of a video competition for schoolgirls, an image film on the subject of “Women in engineering professions” was produced in 2012, which breaks down existing prejudices and makes female role models visible. But the diversity of the engineering profession is also shown here, making the video attractive for all those interested in mechanical engineering.

What does mechanical engineering in Darmstadt offer?