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Particularly school girls can refer to the website Can I STEM? of the Central Student Advisory Service and Orientation Center (ZSB) to inform you about offers, current trends and research topics.

What requirements do you need to study? Aren't most of the students men? And what does mechanical engineering actually have to do with creativity? Find out here whether you are right with your expectations and assessments and how our students evaluate their studies!

With the Online Self Assessment (OSA) Mechanical Engineering, you can not only find out more about studying mechanical engineering, but also learn more about the study program and the Department of Mechanical Engineering with the help of 3 assessments.

What requirements do you need? Isn't it all about airplanes? And why do I need creativity for my studies? Find out here whether you were right with your expectations and assessments and how our students rate their studies!

With the Online Self Assessment (OSA) Aerospace Engineering you can inform yourself about the English-language Master's program Aerospace Engineering and at the same time learn more about the program and the Department of Mechanical Engineering by taking 3 assessments.

Who could give you better insights into study and university decisions, expectations and perceptions of mechanical engineering and the course itself than our students? Find out what they have to say about these topics on the blog posts of #studentsofTUdarmstadt.

Follow this link to read the blog posts of the Mechanical Engineering Department:

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Their perspective – Students of TU Darmstadt give you an insight into their mechanical engineering studies

Aerospace Engineering – Experience the fascination of aviation and space travel first-hand

“Something with technology” Studying Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt

Mechanical Engineering – Sustainable Engineering B.Sc., M.Sc. – Water Blogpost

Here you can find more information on the major fields of study at at Mechanical Engineering Department.

Further Programmes

Would you like to get to know a profession in mechanical engineering?

Then you've come to the right place!

The department offers you and your fellow students the opportunity to complete your school internship in one of our departments and gain an insight into current research topics, test halls and workshops.

A motivated supervisor will accompany you during your internship and answer all your questions.

Are you interested?

Then we look forward to receiving your letter of motivation, CV and your last two school reports.

Here you will find your contact person:

Biomedical printing technology
#Production #LifeScience
Thorsten Euler

Institute of printing, science and technology
#Production #LifeScience
Thorsten Euler

Department and Institute of Materials Science
Elke Stelzl-Schmincke

Reactive Flows and Diagnostics
#Energy #Mobility
Marion Müller

Institute of Automotive Engineering
Angela Kiesewetter

Moritz Lippert

Institute for Energy Systems and Technology
Dennis Hülsbruch, M.Sc.

Institute for Nano- and Microfluidics
#LifeScience #Energie
Prof. Steffen Hardt

Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines
#RenewableRawMaterials #CycleEconomy #Bioeconomy #Paper #Recycling
Isabella Dölfel

Institut of Fluid Systems
#Mmetal #PrecisionMechanic
Udo Trometer

Institute for Mechatronic Systems
#Energy #Mobility #Robotics

You haven't had enough yet and want to have a look at one or two lectures? Then take a look here: Schlepptau

You can find more internship offers at the TU Darmstadt here.

The offer from our mechanical engineering student department to take a prospective student to a mechanical engineering lecture. More information can be found here.

The so-called junior course enables talented high school students to take part in courses and exams while they are still in school. The academic achievements made in this way allow an early orientation with regard to the desired field of study and are fully recognizable in a later study at the TU Darmstadt. The choice of courses for one semester (half year) can be individually designed according to the offer and in agreement with the department.

More information can be found here.

Offer for the upper school

You can also spend an interesting day at the TU Darmstadt as a high school class or with your advanced course. We will introduce you to our study programs and show you the current research at one of our institutes. Please contact the management of the MechCenter.

Offer for all grades

At DLR_School_Lab TU Darmstadt, for example, students become astronauts and virtually go to the International Space Station ISS. There, they move around virtually “weightlessly” and, with the help of hand sensors, can even open the outer hatch of the space station and take a virtual spacewalk: The impressive view of the Earth from above and the excursion into space are the prelude to a fascinating “journey into the future” that children and young people can take with the help of various hands-on experiments in Darmstadt.

DLR_School_Lab Information in German only

Offer for elementary school classes

Teaching technology at elementary schools – that is the goal of the association Technikschule Darmstadt e.V.. We voluntarily inspire the children, namely retired teachers, students, scientists or master craftsmen.

TechnikschuleInformation in German only